Gorillas, The Bible, and Women w/ John Durant

Gorillas, The Bible, and Women w/ John Durant

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It’s weird, the guy really does look like a caveman…

It’s kinda like I’m living in that old movie, Encino Man. You know, the one about the two high school students who stumble upon a frozen paleolithic man while digging a pool in their backyard. They thaw him out, give him a cool haircut and a clean shave, and take him to school where he gets all the girls.

But in this case, the caveman sleeping on my couch speaks in complete sentences, wrote one of my favorite books of last year, and even has a degree from Harvard.


Last night, John Durant and I sat down for a short interview about a couple of my favorite sections of his Paleo Manifesto as well as his upcoming event, Paleo Con.

Topics included…

What animals in captivity can teach us about our health.

What The Bible says about diet and disease.

* What he learned about women while recording Paleo Con sessions.

Don’t forget to register for Paleo Con. There’s something for everyone. Here’s a handful of the speakers and topics:

Mark Sisson: The New Low Carb Paradigm: The Future of Endurance Training

Christian Page: Whole Lamb Roast [Cooking Demo]

Chris Kresser: The Top 3 Mainstream and Paleo Nutrition Myths Debunked

Maneesh Sethi: How to Break Bad Habits and Create Good Ones

Abel James: Intermittent Fasting and Feasting for Fat Loss

Michelle Tam: Nom Nom Paleo’s Essential Kitchen Tools, Cooking Tips, And Ingredients

Katie the Wellness Mama: Real Life Tips For Helping Your Family Go Paleo

Dr. Chris Masterjohn: The Truth about Eating Animals

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Happy Friday!


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